Exotic Alloy Fasteners – Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Alloy 20 & more…

Lightning Bolt & Supply is your one-stop source for all Exotic Alloy Fasteners and hard to find alloy fasteners. We stock an immense inventory of Bolts, Nuts, Washers, and Studs in a wide range of hard to find materials such as: Nitronic 60, Brass, Silicon-Bronze, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, and alloy 20 fasteners are kept in stock and are ready for immediate release. In addition, let us know about your special Exotic Alloy Fasteners needs.

We specialize in manufacturing hex bolts, socket heads, studs, nuts, and washers in large diameter and specialty alloy fasteners. Our ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality management system ensures customer satisfaction by providing complete, correct, and on-time deliveries. Our sales team are fastener experts with several decades of combined fastener experience.  Therefore no matter the specification, our experts will consistently provide you with the “perfect order”.  On budget, on-time and correct! We make this easy… In addition to standard ASTM and ISO materials, we can also manufacturer Hex Bolts, Socket Heads, Studs, Nuts, Washers, and custom parts in the following Exotic Alloy Fasteners:


Aluminum 2024 Aluminum 6061 Aluminum 7075
Copper, Brass & Bronze
Aluminum Bronze Aluminum Nickel Bronze Brass Copper CDA 110
Manganese Bronze 675 Naval Brass 464 Phosphorous Bronze 510 Silicon Bronze 651
Silicon Bronze 655      
PH Grades
13-8 MO 17-4 PH 17-7 PH
Stainless Steels
Stainless Steel 303 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304B Stainless Steel 304L Stainless Steel 309 Stainless Steel 310 Stainless Steel 316
Stainless Steel 316B Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel 317 Stainless Steel 317LM Stainless Steel 321 Stainless Steel 330 Stainless Steel 347
Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel 416 Stainless Steel 422 Stainless Steel 430 Stainless Steel 431 Stainless Steel 440C Stainless Steel 501
Steel Specials
B16 B7 H11 H13

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