ASTM A-193 All Thread Rod


All Thread Rod ASTM A193 B7 Cadmium Yellow

ASTM A-193 All Thread Rod is often sometimes referred to as “rod” or “redi-rods”.  They are fully threaded and are typically available in 12ft or 10ft lengths.   Threaded rod can come in a wide variety of alloys from carbon steel, hardened alloy steel, and even high nickel alloys such as Hastelloy, Monel, and stainless steels.  Threaded rod is often formed by roll threading, and often cut into smaller and custom sized lengths which are referred to studs or stud bolts.


  • ASTM A-193 B7 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B7M Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B8 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B8M Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B16 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B8M Class2 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B8 Class2 Threaded Rod
  • Alloy 20 Threaded Rod
  • Hastelloy Threaded Rod
  • Monel Threaded Rod
  • Inconel Threaded Rod
  • Super Duplex Threaded Rod
  • 304 Stainless Threaded Rod
  • 18-8 Stainless Threaded Rod
  • 316 Stainless Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A320 B8M Class2 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A320 B8 Class2 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A320 L7 Class2 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A307 Grade A Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A36 Threaded Rod
  • ASTM A-193 B7 Threaded Rod

*All materials are available in a variety of platings and coatings such as: Plain, Hod Dip Galvanized, Zinc Plated, Cad Yellow, Teflon Blue – PTFE – Xylan

Grade B7 is designed to mate with ASTM A194 Grade 2H Heavy Hex Nuts to help firmly fasten structures and objects together.  All thread rod comes with deeply grooved threads that were typically created through a process called roll threading. . It is the thread’s slope and depth in a rod that can add to or hinder the amount of flexibility you may need in the structure you are binding together. The count of Threads Per Inch (TPI) or the Thread Pitch can be used to accurately identified which is the best rod to use for a particular task.

Since the threads on a rod are finely polished, it is best not to pre-drill a hole before securing these rods in a structure. The threaded rods are used to build tension and should be directly installed in the material when possible to ensure their full strength is maintained.

The primary requirement when installing a threaded rod into wood, concrete, steel, or another material is to have the right length and enough thread on the rod to hold your pieces together and securely fasten them in with corresponding nuts.  Proper thread engagement is critical when it comes to saftey.

ASTM A-193 All Thread Rod is often used by electrical, heating, plumbing, and commercial and industrial construction assignments, all thread rod should not be substituted for a headed bolt or a headed anchor bolt but are meant for very strong structural junctions.

Why Lightning Bolt for ASTM A-193 All Thread Rod ?

Lightning Bolt & Supply has been servicing North America’s industrial fastener needs for over 25 years.  Since then, our focus on the production of high quality parts at competitive pricing has allowed us to become an industry leader.  Our niche in exotic high nickel alloy fasteners include materials such as: hastelloy, Inconel, monel, A-286, 904L, Alloy-20, duplex stainless as well as many additional alloys.

Being centrally headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are capable of shipping to jobsites all over the world.  Many of our industrial projects that we supply material to include anchor bolts, and also stud bolts of many different ASTM grades.  These include B7, L7, B16, B8, B8M, stain hardened and many more.  In addition to being an ISO certified fastener manufacturer, we were awarded “Corporate Supplier of the Year” by WBENC.


The all thread rods available from Lighting Bolt & Supply are manufactured in a variety of grades and materials to meet any requirement for your outlined project.

A193 B8, B8M STAINLESS-STEEL, class 1, class2, A320 stainless, dual certified

Dual Certified ASTM A193 & A320 B8M Class 2 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod

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