Stainless Steel All Thread Rods at Lightning Bolt and Supply, Inc.

Stainless steel threaded rods are commonly found whenever there is an industrial project or an active construction site. Stainless steel is often used to avoid corrosion and staining on items. Combined into an alloy, stainless steel brings together the properties of low carbon grades along with different percentages of chromium and nickel.

It is the chromium component that helps stainless steel resist corrosion, while its low carbon content doesn’t allow it to be effectively hardened. This makes stainless steel all thread rods great for some jobs and not so good for others.

When it comes to metal strength, the stainless steel threaded rod proves when tested to be stronger than most Grade 2 steels, but weaker than Grade 5 and Grade 8 steel that have been hardened. Depending on the ratio of metals in the alloy, the ultimate strength of most stainless steel grades will range from about 70 to 220 ksi.

Another feature that should be noted is the magnetic quality of stainless steel, which typically is less than its standard steel counterparts.

Stainless steel threaded rods can be used for a variety of jobs. From bracing and retrofitting to basic mounting and hanging, stainless steel threaded rods will help build strength into your construction projects. Rolled threads will give your project increased strength as well as uniform accuracy and a high degree of surface finish, although machine cut threaded rods are easier to machine.

Browse the selection of stainless steel all thread rods available from Lighting Bolt and Supply today. Call us with any questions you may have and we’ll help you find the right rod for every job.

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