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Threaded studs are the first piece of hardware most project managers reach for when they are working on a high-tension structure. There are a variety of threaded studs to choose from and selecting the right one is key in doing the job well.

Common Types of Threaded Studs

  • Continuous Thread Studs: Threaded studs designed to be continuous are engineered with the thread running from one end to other. These are a great choice for flange bolting when a two-nut applications are required.
  • Tap-end Studs: This type of threaded stud comes with a short thread and a longer thread on either end of the stud. The shorter threaded end is called the tap. The tap end has a chamfered edge that is formed in the shape of a cone and it is this side that is meant to be screwed into a tapped hole. The longer thread is designed to secure the stud into a structure with an appropriately sized nut. The end with the threaded nut-side may come with either a chamfered end or a round point, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Double-end Studs: This stud is manufactured with equal-length threads on either side and can accommodate nuts. Both sides of the stud have chamfered points, unless a specific request is made, in which case round points may be added at the manufacturer’s discretion.

When looking for threaded studs, it is important to know the precise length you need, since the varying lengths in the thread and overall fastener is critical to a secure fit. Check out the listed inventory at Lighting Bolt and Supply to find just the right length you need.

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