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Here at Lightning Bolt and Supply, we take quality testing very seriously. Quality Bolts and Fasteners are our standard… So whether your job requires Material Test Reports (MTR’s), Positive Material Identification (PMI) analysis, hardness testing, or a variety of other chemical and physical tests, Lightning Bolt provides the certs that you need.

Lightning Bolt offers fully traceable inventory and provides MTR’s with Heat/Lot numbers and Chemical/Physical tests included. In addition, our XRF analyzer, (or PMI Gun), can Positively Identify all grades of material – from low grade carbon steel, to high-nickel alloys and superalloys such as hastelloy c276 nuts and inconel 601 bolts. In addition to our routine PMI tests for incoming material, upon request we can perform PMI tests on an as-needed basis.

You may be wondering, how does a PMI gun work? The handheld analyzer makes use of radiologic technology by sending an X-ray beam that displaces electrons in the atoms of the sample. This is due to the primary X-ray beam having a stronger energy than the binding energy that holds the electrons in orbit. This displacement results in a “burst of energy” that is unique to each element, as each element has unique spacing between orbital shells. The analyzer records this information and identifies the chemical composition of the sample material. With that being said…this way you know the bolt isn’t just “shiny”… but verified by high-tech devices. All of this can be done within the same business day.

The same holds true with hardness testing. By having the capability to test same-day in-house, our hardness tester saves time and money for our customers.

Many of our fasteners are used in extreme conditions – (highly corrosive, acidic, high or low temp, high or low pressure) therefore requiring additional testing to further ensure quality. Our quality assurance program is designed to ensure you that you are receiving the 100% correct material, in a timely and professional manner. Through our attention to detail and commitment to quality, Lightning Bolt is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and trusted by customers globally.  Call today 225-272-6200

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