ExxonMobil Approved Bolts-AML for Fasteners, Studs, Bolts and Nuts

So, what is an AML? ExxonMobil Approved Bolts?

Approved Manufacturer Lists (AML’s) are joint written and governed by engineering and quality departments to mandate the quality of materials that their company buys (directly or indirectly).

For example, Lightning Bolt & Supply is on ExxonMobil’s global AML / QML as an approved fastener manufacturer. This means regardless if you are an ExxonMobil buyer in Singapore, a pipe distributor in Texas, or a valve manufacturer in the UK, the fasteners (ie. b7 Studs & PTFE coated stud bolts, 2H nuts, washers) must be supplied in accordance with the clients AML.  This is to ensure that the quality demands set-forth by ExxonMobil on its fastener manufacturers trickle into the supply chain.

In regards to ExxonMobil Approved Bolts, there are many quality test that go on behind the scene that most people wouldn’t think about.  Many have fancy abbreviations like PMI and TPI.  Below are some of the methods that Lightning Bolt uses to ensure that our products are of the highest quality fasteners in the marketplace.

  • ISO 9001:2015 – We were the first fastener manufacturer in the state to be certified to the newest ISO standard.  Our program is robust and mature, and does an outstanding job at tracking recurring trends to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • PMI – our XRF analyzer gives our quality department (and our customers) the peace of mind they need.  Once it is placed against a part, the analyzer gives a detailed report of chemical composition, while positively identifying the material.  Therefore, despite many metals being “shiny”, PMI guarantees that the part is made of the proper alloy.
  • 100% Receipt Inspections- Lightning Bolt is listed as an Exxon approved bolt manufacturer for many reasons, but one is due to our receipt inspection plan.  Regardless of the source, all inbound orders are inspected thoroughly.
  • 3rd Party Independent Testing- Our quality lab routinely sends parts to independent 3rd party laboratories to ensure that the certified MTR (material test reports) are accurate.

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