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A double end stud is a type of stud that is equally threaded at both ends to accommodate a nut. Typically, both ends are chamfered. Double End Studs that are available include:

  • ASTM B7 Double End Studs – B7 Tap Ends
  • ASTM B7M Double End Studs
  • B8 Double End Studs
  • B8M Double End Studs
  • L7 Double end studs
  • PTFE Double End Studs
  • Stainless Steel Tap Ends

All are readily available in stock at Lightning Bolt and Supply.

In contrast with double ended studs, tap end studs have a side with a shorter thread length and a side with a longer thread length. The side with the shorter thread length is referred to as the “tap end”, whereas the side with the longer thread length is called the “nut end”. The tap end is threaded into a tapped hole. The longer end, or nut end, is made to secure the stud into a structure using an appropriately sized nut. Depending on the manufacturer, the nut end can either be chamfered or made with a round end. We have a wide range of tap end bolts in stock – including but not limited to: B7, B8, B8M, and L7 tap end bolts.

Neither of these types of studs are to be confused with Continuous Thread (all thread) studs. As their name indicates, continuous thread studs are manufactured to have thread running the entire length of the studs from end to end. Though continuous thread studs are the most common type of stud that we provide, our Double End or Tap End Studs may be just right for your particular application.

*When looking for threaded studs, it is important to know the precise length you need, since the varying lengths in the thread and overall fastener is critical to a secure fit. 


Being centrally located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are capable of shipping Double End B7 studs and Tap End studs to jobsites worldwide. Call or email us today to see how we can accommodate you with our high-quality products and knowledgeable, friendly staff.


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