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Lightning Bolt is a fastener manufacturer and premiere supplier of Anchor Bolts in many different styles and materials.

These included

The ASTM specification specifies these grade by their yield strength.  Therefore a grade 36 anchor bolt has a yield strength of 36ksi, a grade 55 anchor bolt has a yield strength of 55ksi, and a grade 105 anchor bolt has a yield strength of 105ksi.  Yield strength is the amount of force that causes the metal to permanently deform.

Lightning Bolt is a fastener manufacturer and premiere supplier of Anchor Bolts in many different styles and materials.  F1554 anchor bolts are commonly used during civil construction for commercial and industrial projects.  Applications include: light & metal poles, commercial buildings, & anchoring structural steel to foundations.  Color coding anchor bolts with Blue (Gr 36), Yellow (Gr 55), and Red (Gr 105) allows for easy identification.

Within the specification it specifies that the supplier can substitute grade 55 (weldable) for grade 36 at their own discretion.


Mechanical Properties of F1554 Anchor Bolts include:




Tensile Ksi

Yield, Ksi min

Yield MPa min

Elongation % min

Reduction of Area % min

36BLUE1/2" - 4"50-803623248402340
55YELLOW1/2" - 4"75-95553802130-18
105RED1/2" - 3"125-1501057241545


Supplementary testing requirements are those that are only applied when stated in a purchase order.  These include:

  • S1  Requires that the grade 55 material supplied is weldable.
  • S2  Requires permanent manufacturer identification
  • S3  Requires permanent material grade identification
  • S4  Requires Charpy impact testing +/- 40F for grade 55 % 105.


Other types of anchor bolts we can manufacture include:

Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts

Stainless Steel Anchor Rods

Wedge Anchors


Lightning Bolt can manufacturer any size of anchor bolt needed for your project.  Including similar items such as anchor cages and even barrier pins.  Depending on its use, the thread length on the anchor bolt and the overall length of the bolt can vary from as small as 4 inches to 39 inches and more. When it comes to the most frequently used anchor bolt, the most common size is 5/8 of an inch thick and 12 inches long. Engineering specs will identify exactly what size anchor bolts are recommended for the job so check those carefully.

Smaller anchor bolts, such as wedge anchors and drop in anchors are a staple in every toolbox when working with concrete material. Although anchor bolts may be used in other building and structural materials, it is definitely the first bolt to reach for when a concrete structure requires anchoring.

One of the most common is the L-shaped hook anchor bolt, also known as a 90-degree anchor bolt. It comes with a bend or hook on one end to resist pull and safely secure two objects together. The hook is bent toward the unthreaded end and is used as a concrete fixing tool at varying tensile strengths.

Installation of an L-shaped anchor bolt occurs while or before you pour concrete, such as when you are pouring a foundation. The threaded end of the L-shape bolt is attached to a framing plate and secured with a nut. If the nut was to be removed or the framing plate shifts, the angle of the bolt will provide resistance to hold the concrete slab in place.

If you happen to need a single anchor bolt or a truckload of them, check out the selection available at Lighting Bolt & Supply today!

Why Lightning Bolt for anchor bolts?

Lightning Bolt & Supply has been servicing North America’s industrial fastener needs for over 25 years.  Since then, our focus on the production of high quality parts at competitive pricing has allowed us to become an industry leader.  Our niche in exotic high nickel alloy fasteners include materials such as: hastelloy, Inconel, monel, A-286, 904L, Alloy-20, duplex stainless as well as many additional alloys.

Being centrally headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are capable of shipping to jobsites all over the world.  Many of our industrial projects that we supply material to include anchor bolts, and also stud bolts of many different ASTM grades.  These include B7, L7, B16, B8, B8M, stain hardened and many more.  In addition to being an ISO certified fastener manufacturer, we were awarded “Corporate Supplier of the Year” by WBENC.  Innovation is a way of life for our company… This is why we have recently been awarded several national awards for innovation and excellence.

So, regardless if your application is pulp & paper, chemical, Oil & Gas, or Power Generation, email Lightning Bolt for all of your anchor bolt needs.

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