Stainless Steel Types of Fasteners Nuts Bolts Screws-Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt and Supply offers a wide variety of stainless steel fasteners.  We have resources available to explain the overall differences in the many types of stainless steel fasteners

Due to its affordable cost and corrosion resistant properties, its applications are extremely broad. Although 304, 316, and 410 being the most common, the following materials are also available.

Steel 303Steel 304Steel 304BSteel 304L
Stainless StainlessStainlessStainless
Steel 309Steel 310Steel 316Steel 316B
Steel 316LSteel 317Steel 317LMSteel 321
Steel 330Steel 347Steel 410Steel 416
Steel 422Steel 430Steel 431Steel 440C
Steel 501
B8MCL2B8 Class 2B8M Class 2
B8 Strained HardenedB8M Strain Hardened


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