Monel 405 Bolts with World Wide Shipping

Monel 405 Bolts with World Wide Shipping

Lightning Bolt has Monel 405 Bolts with World Wide Shipping and is the industry leader in hard-to-find Monel 405 fasteners. This alloy is the free-machining version of MONEL 400, which has a controlled amount of sulfur is added to the alloy to provide sulfide inclusions that act as chip breakers during machining. Otherwise, characteristics are essentially the same as those of MONEL alloy 400.

Monel 405 fasteners are made of an alloy that is a Nickel-Copper alloy, resistant to sea water and steam at high temperatures as well as to salt and caustic solutions. 
Alloy R405 is a nickel-copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of media. The alloy is characterized by good general corrosion resistance and moderate to high strength. The alloy has been used in a variety of applications. It has excellent resistance to rapidly flowing brackish water or seawater. It is particularly resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when they are de-aerated. The alloy is slightly magnetic at room temperature. The alloy is widely used in the chemical, oil and marine industries. Due to its notable ability to resist corrosion, a diverse amount of fasteners can be made from this alloy. Such fasteners include: nuts, bolts, hex cap screws, washers, socket head cap screws, and studs.

Notable Characteristics

  • Corrosion resistance in an extensive range of marine and chemical environments. From pure water to nonoxidizing mineral acids, salts and alkalis.

  • This alloy is more resistant to nickel under reducing conditions and more resistant than copper under oxidizing conditions, it does show however better resistance to reducing media than oxidizing.

  • Good mechanical properties from subzero temperatures up to about 480C.

  • Good resistance to sulfuric and hydrofluoric acids. Aeration however will result in increased corrosion rates. May be used to handle hydrochloric acid, but the presence of oxidizing salts will greatly accelerate corrosive attack.

  • Resistance to neutral, alkaline and acid salts is shown, but poor resistance is found with oxidizing acid salts such as ferric chloride.

  • Excellent resistance to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking.

*Due to sulfur addition for free machining, welding is not possible.

Possible Applications

  • Brine heaters, sea water scrubbers in tanker inert gas systems.

  • Sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid alkylation plants.

  • Pickling bat heating coils.

  • Heat exchangers in a variety of industries.

  • Transfer piping from oil refinery crude columns.

  • Plant for the refining of uranium and isotope separation in the production of nuclear fuel.

Therefore, when the tasks calls for Monel 405 fasteners call Lightning Bolt. We are recognized throughout the industry as experts in the alloy bolting market.

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Why Lightning Bolt ?

Lightning Bolt & Supply has Monel 405 Bolts with World Wide Shipping and has been servicing North America’s industrial fastener needs for over 25 years.  Since then, our focus on the production of high quality parts at competitive pricing has allowed us to become an industry leader.  Our niche in exotic high nickel alloy fasteners include materials such as: hastelloy, Inconel, monel, A-286, 904L, Alloy-20, duplex stainless as well as many additional alloys.

Being centrally headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are capable of shipping to jobsites all over the world.  Many of our industrial projects that we supply material to include anchor bolts, and also stud bolts of many different ASTM grades.  These include B7, L7, B16, B8, B8M, stain hardened and many more.  In addition to being an ISO certified fastener manufacturer, we were awarded “Corporate Supplier of the Year” by WBENC.

To learn more about our products, or to place an order, please call (225) 272-6200 or send an email to  For calls placed from outside of the United States, please call 001-225-272-6200.

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